The Reflection Gallery continues its quiet witness, providing thought-provoking artistic work and creating an atmosphere for quiet contemplation. We thank the Friends and visitors to the Gallery for their interest.

Displays in the gallery change periodically and have consisted of paintings, photography and mixed media presentations by Christian artists who are generously displaying expressions of their journey of faith through art.

The Reflection Gallery is open from 10am to 3pm daily.

Kimberley Oehlman’s Digital Artworks “The Secret Place” have been installed in the Reflection Gallery. The previous display was there throughout April to June and featured Wendy Jarrott Smith’s “Nourish and Flourish” artworks.

Kimberley writes “I’m a local Maleny digital artist who enjoys combining traditional art techniques with a digital canvas. Using my background in charcoal drawings and watercolour paintings, I try to bring a classic touch to my digital art pieces.  My art is inspired by trying to capture those moments of clarity and wonder that we each encounter through our lives where we feel closest to our Creator. In particular, for me, this is expressed in my artwork through natural landscapes and moments that I’ve experienced, as well as those of friends and family.

Each piece tries to be a window into serene and reflective moments – where combinations of awe, peace and restfulness create a space for contemplation and spiritual reflection.

Every stroke in my work is hand-drawn – from broad strokes to blended detail – reflecting my dedication to merging traditional and digital art. I hope you find tranquility and beauty in my work, and that it may help provide a moment of peace in which to marvel at the scope and scale of God.

My Christian journey began at an early age due to having a pastor for a father and spending much of my childhood around the church, it wasn’t until the age of 14 that I really began to actually notice the intimate relationships that both of my parents had with God, and felt the stirring for more begin with me. I found myself looking at the detail in nature and thinking that the beauty and design found there supported the idea that there could be a God out there, but it wasn’t until one night while walking with my father in the streets of Maleny while on holiday here that I noticed that I had a deep loneliness within.  I realised that even when being surrounded by my loving family, or in a crowded room that I could still feel completely alone, and that when it came to matters of faith – despite growing up surrounded by the church – I felt quite lost. Following that night I began searching for truth in earnest, and over time my pursuit led to me inviting Christ into my own heart several months later. Never had I felt more known, more loved and more free!

Someone once told me that when they found Christ they felt like a warm blanket had been wrapped around them – like sitting next to a fireplace on a warm winter’s night. In the decades since that first moment of personal revelation, I find that I now live in that warmth daily.  Now – years after that holiday where my journey started, I find myself living in Maleny. As then, the beauty of the world around us and the creativity of God continue to inspire me in my personal relationship – something I try to capture with my art. It is my hope that my stories and artworks will mean something special to you – each drawing is a lesson or something I feel I have discovered over time.”

The Visitors Book continues to give some indication of the worldwide reach of the gallery. The aim of providing a place for quiet reflection seems to be being realized.

Thank you for your support. Please continue to pray for the Gallery and its outreach, for the people that visit it, for Kimberley, the artist whose work is currently on display and for Wendy.