The Reflection Gallery continues its quiet witness, providing thought-provoking
artistic work and creating an atmosphere for quiet contemplation. We thank the
Friends and visitors to the Gallery for their interest.

Displays in the gallery change periodically and have consisted of paintings, photography and mixed media presentations by Christian artists who are generously displaying expressions of their journey of faith through art.

The Reflection Gallery is open from 10am to 3pm daily.

Ten stencil prints by artist Rev Geraldine Wheeler will be on display till the end of June. Rev. Geraldine Wheeler visited Umbria in Italy in 2007 and this set her on the pathway to developing a series of paintings illustrating the poem Canticles of the Creatures by St Francis of Assisi.

Canticles of Creatures was written in 1224 and presents the idea of all creation joining in praise of its Creator, specifically mentioning sun and moon; air, water, fire, earth; flowers and fruit; the forgiving and humble heart, and death.  The key expression is “Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures”.

Hymn 100 in Together in Song, All creatures of our God and King, is a paraphrase by Dr William Henry Draper then Rector of Adel, now a suburb of Leeds, Yorkshire. It was written for a children’s Whitsuntide Festival in that city in 1910.

List of works in order are:

  1. Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures, Rose Window 1 
  2. Through Brother Sun
  3. Through Sister Moon and the Stars
  4. Through Brother Wind and Air
  5. Through Sister Water
  6. Through Brother Fire
  7. Through our Sister Mother Earth
  8. Through Those who Forgive for Love of You
  9. Through our Sister Bodily Death
  10. Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures, Rose Window 2

Stencil prints are made firstly by drawing and cutting the stencil, then painting through the stencil in gouache paint onto black paper. Geraldine writes, “It is a technique I began to experiment with after doing hand coloured linocuts. (I had read about Margaret Preston’s borrowing from a Japanese stencil technique when she could no longer do wood cuts and I had seen examples of her stencil print work.)”

Geraldine Wheeler is a retired minister of the Uniting Church in Australia who has been using images as visual interpretation of scripture to complement preaching and teaching in words and as a means of entering into prayer and meditation for several decades. She has drawn, painted and made prints from school days, studying art at high school and taking adult classes with artists such as Clem Forbes, Wim de Vos and Michael Winters. She is three times winner of the Maleny Art Awards Christian Theme section and is founder/co-ordinator of the ecumenical group of artists in S. E. Queensland, Visionaries. Her Ph. D. thesis (ACU 2004) examined the possibilities for the role of visual art within the theological understanding of the Reformed Tradition of Christianity.