The Reflection Gallery continues its quiet witness, providing thought-provoking artistic work and creating an atmosphere for quiet contemplation. We thank the Friends and visitors to the Gallery for their interest.

Displays in the gallery change periodically and have consisted of paintings, photography and mixed media presentations by Christian artists who are generously displaying expressions of their journey of faith through art.

The Reflection Gallery is open from 10am to 3pm daily.

On 20 April 2024, Wendy Jarrott Smith’s “Nourish and Flourish” artworks were installed in the Reflection Gallery. The previous display was there throughout March and featured Dr Gregg Nowell’s Stations of the Cross series.

Wendy writes “Standard apple and pear trees can easily flourish for over 50 years, but their longevity is hugely dependent upon their nourishment and nurture. Good soil; attention to indicators of disease; fertiliser; rain and appropriate pruning methods will add to the health and vigour of the tree.

The health of our souls, bodies and spirits requires much the same conditions.  Physical, emotional and spiritual disease needs to be dealt with…nutrition needs to be provided…. and sometimes things need to be ‘pruned’ from our lives in order for new life to flourish.

In John 15 : 1-3 in the Bible,  it says…..

“He cuts off every branch that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit He prunes, so that it will be even more fruitful.”

About 7 years ago, an unexpected illness ‘pruned back my life’, but also gave me more time and ‘creative space’ in my world, to be able to commit to painting and writing more regularly. For me, it    was a time to ‘NOURISH and FLOURISH’, and the name of my exhibit today!

Is something being pruned from your life at the moment?
Perhaps a habit? A relationship? An unbelief?
Is this a chance for you to flourish in a new way?
‘Pruning’ can be painful, but it has great benefits for your life.

May my paintings and reflections be an encouragement to you to ‘nourish and flourish’, wherever you are today, on the journey of life!  Warmly.”   Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your witness with us in this way.

The Visitors Book continues to give some indication of the worldwide reach of the gallery. The aim of providing a place for quiet reflection seems to be being realized.

Thank you for your support. Please continue to pray for the Gallery and its outreach, for the people that visit it, for Wendy, the artist whose work is currently on display and for Gregg.